Developing personas

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your website or intranet organized and designed for your audiences to
achieve the results that they want and you need?

highlights some of the common audience challenges on a
website or intranet:

  1. Senior
    staff want something to go on the home page, and then something else
    and something else and so on

2. Users complain that
they can

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  1. Anonymous

    A persona typically includes a fictional name and characteristics that are consistent with one of the main user groups you have identified.By analyzing what you learned about your users from user research, including:
    * Contextual Interviews
    * Individual Interviews
    * Surveys (Online)
    * Focus Groups
    * Usability Testing
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  2. Anonymous

    A nice photo or characature can work well too.

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  3. Anonymous

    I am no web designer, but it is good for a site to have a site map and search bar. That would help users to find stuffs.
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  4. Anonymous

    true how it could be so irritating and frustrating for a user when everything is just so hard to find when you're looking for something.
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  5. Anonymous

    nice post not to mention how interesting it is really. But its a craft that needs time and efforts to master..
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  6. Jason Rhoads

    Easiest way to design a homepage is to take an employee based survey of the most frequently used applications. Take the top 5 or 10 and use those. Homepage design isn’t something that one person should be taking on alone. A cooperative team is a god send.