Intranet predictions for 2007

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  1. Anonymous

    I agree more or less with most of your predictions *but* not with this one:
    > social bookmarking and podcasting will still remain little more than a fad on the intranet
    1) podcasting will become more and more important in the next decade, and I guess it has started already
    2) I'm not so sure about the social bookmarking, but IMHO there is a change that it will become something interessting, even I don't know what — yet;-) —
    –pat the foo

  2. Anonymous

    Good comment, thanks. Hehe I will have to prove you wrong then 🙂 I challenge anyone to produce any numbers that show 10% of organizations podcasting by the end of the year. 4 or 5 years hence is a completely different story… but my column is not on predictions for the next four or five years its predictions for 2007 and very few companies, as a percentatge of all organizations, will be doing internal podcasts this year. You are right though, over the next decade, podcating will become very important – and standard. Social bookmarking too.

  3. Anonymous

    While enterprise portals will not replace Web CMS tools in 2007, I think they will increasingly be seen as platforms for publishing content outside the firewall as well as inside, even though (as the new SharePoint experience suggests), this transition may not be so smooth after all.
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  4. Anonymous

    I am not a fan of predictions either, but I must admit that there were several times when the things they were 'prescribed' to me happened, like in the case of that refrigetator parts.