Merging the Internet and Intranet into One

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Cisco has had a great intranet for 20 years; not perfect, but one of the best on the planet.

Last summer Cisco underwent some remarkable internal changes, including changes in the executive suite with a new CEO, and their internal network. Cisco ditched their home grown enterprise social network, and instead replaced it with Jive. It also made the daring decision to create a single online user experience with a single web content management platform, Adobe Experience Manager, whereby all (most) employees, customers, and partner companies would by default interactively engage with the California-based technology behemoth via one web property:

The new Cisco intranet was the subject of a deep-dive intranet case study webinar, hosted by myself and Cisco’s intranet architect, Elijah Lovejoy. A look at the slides from the webinar provides visual intelligence on how progressive Cisco has become with respect to the intranet, and IP technology convergence.

Read the full column for the full context behind the Cisco’s intranet planning and convergence on Why Cisco Converged Its Intranet, Extranet, and Website

Cisco intranet home Jan 2016

The Cisco Intranet home page, the Cisco Employee Connection

See and experience more intranet case studies by joining the next intranet webinar, on March 2, 2016, at 12:30pm EST: Intranet & User Engagement

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  1. MyHub Intranet

    Hi, Can we get audio for this presentation anywhere? The slides look insightful. Cheers.

    • Toby Ward

      We’ve not posted the audio (yet) but I could probably share the video via DropBox of the like.

  2. Adriana Morantes

    I would also like to get the audio file. Thanks