The intranet becomes

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Everything is just great! Your corporate intranet is in excellent shape!


You know you have a superlative intranet when you can say that your intranet has

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  1. Anonymous

    Please set up a print stylesheet that omits the left and right navs, and allows the page to print correctly on IE.

  2. Anonymous

    I will make the request to the software providers, but alas that is something that is completely out of my hands, and the responsibility of the Blogware. I will however make the request. Thanks for the pointer!
    Cheers, Toby

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for this particular novice-friendly list.
    This is a nice, concise list to share with the bosses with only a broad understanding of Intranet (and Web) sites.
    True, probably few of us meet the standard for $500 or are even 100 percent on anything on the list.
    But key questions are:
    – which are we 80 or 90 percent on and generally succeeding?
    – which are we only 30 or 40 percent on and really need to address?

  4. Anonymous

    You're welcome Eric. Be also sure to see the Good to Great Matrix which is more informative and a better too (email me at toby at prescientdigital (dot com) for a copy.
    To answer your question, its more like 30%…. but some organizations are better on some points then others, and the reverse is also true. And some points carry a lot more weight… for example, governance is far more important than design…. planning is far more important than social media. The value of usability is actually quite low, but it touches on and affects most of the user experience. In other words, if you have a great IA, a great search engine, and great content, usability will naturally be fairly good (assuming you don't have a lot of broken links) and therefore less of a priority and value.
    Cheers, Toby

  5. Anonymous

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