The social intranet is not so social yet

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The good news: most organizations have social media on their intranet. The truth: very few organizations, about 9%, have a true social intranet.

According to the Social Intranet Study of 1,401 participants in organizations of all sizes (conducted by Prescient Digital Media and IABC), intranets are becoming more social, but there’s a fair bit of work to still be done.

Social intranet infographic BREAKDOWNTruth be told, most business are using social media in some form (if only trialing and experimenting with it): 61% have at least one internal social media tool on their intranet. But very few organizations are satisfied with the results, and less than 10% of organizations have a true ‘social intranet’ (an intranet with multiple social media tools integrated into the home page and most content consumption, and are available to most if not all employees).

The most popular social media tools on the intranet? Not surprisingly, blogs. Other findings include:

  • 75% have intranet blogs and 26% have them enterprise-wide.
  • 65% have intranet discussion forums; 26% enterprise-wide.
  • 61% have intranet wikis; 19% enterprise-wide.
  • 63% have intranet instant messaging; 44% enterprise-wide.
  • 43% have intranet social networking; 19% enterprise-wide.
  • 55% of organizations with Intranet 2.0 tools are using Microsoft SharePoint
  • 30% is the overall satisfaction rate of intranet 2.0 tools

The summary analysis of The Social Intranet Study is now available for a free download at (the full 46-page report provides detailed data, analysis В and cross-tabulation by size, industry and social media tools such as wikis and blogs is only $89).

More highlights and explanation of the top-level study findings and some of the analysis can also be found in my webinar, Business Turns Social.

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