Web content management matures

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“The Web content management market is mature and expanding,” says Gartner’s latest MarketScope for Web Content Management (MacComascaigh, Gilbert, Bell, Shegda, Andrews). “Vendor consolidation has fallen (slowed)… functions such as workflow, ease of use and multi-site management are no longer differentiating factors; they are the norm.”

The MarketScope for Web Content Management report is concise and solid intelligence for a representative snapshot look at the current marketplace. This report is a good starting point to understanding the market, but is not an adequate tool for helping an organization select a CMS.

The Findings:

  • Open source solutions (OSS), which represents only 3% of the total Web Content Management (WCM) market are increasingly robust, stable, and growing in market share
  • The Web 2.0 phenomenon is driving WCM innovation
  • Change management and user adoption will need to be applied to both internal and external users
  • The total WCM market, at $750 million per year, will grow at an annual rate of 15% through 2012 (representing 25% of the total ECM market)

Read the full analysis in the article: Web Content Management Matures

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  1. Anonymous

    all the listed solutions target large enterprises (considering the minimum contract price of thousands of dollars). what about web based solutions like HyperOffice which target small to medium sized businesses.

  2. Anonymous

    there are solutions for medium sized companies too..checkout the websites providing them @intranet