Your bad intranet

Your bad intranet
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Your intranet sucks, but you’re not alone. The average intranet sucks, too.

Well, I may sound a little harsh, but what would your reaction be if your child came home with a report card sporting a 53% average (C-minus, bordering on a D)?

The preliminary data has been crunched from this year’s State of the Social Intranet Survey, and with over 600 organizations reporting, the average overall grade for the corporate intranet is 53% (or 2.66 out of 5). I think however the numbers are being kind, we at (intranet consultants at Prescient Digital Media) evaluate several dozen intranets every year, and the average score is about 42%. But intranet managers are always kinder to their intranets, but end user employees who don’t know what a good intranet looks like are even kinder.

Intranets are mostly people and process, and use technology as an enabler. In other words, it’s a business system, not a technology project. The three key, critical ingredients to an intranet are:

  • Executive support
  • Governance
  • Content
Nexus of Intranet Success

Nexus of Intranet Success, © 2012 Prescient Digital Media

Usability, design, search, social media — they all pale to the above ‘Big 3.’

So, how do you pull your intranet out of the much and mire? Pop on by my webinar on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. EST: Why Do Intranet Projects Fail?

I’ll tell you why most intranets fail, and how to redesign yours into a leading business system.

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